These are the 16 clubs that participate in our LWHS Booster Club and their booster contacts.

Additional information and clubs can be found on the LW Athletics and LW Activities pages.  Coach contact info is here.


Baseball & Softball (Diamond Club)

Fall Season: Slowpitch Softball
Spring Season: Baseball, Fastpitch Softball

Booster Contacts:

Softball - Jodee Hull

Baseball - Corky Trewin

Kangs Baseball Website

Boys Basketball

Winter Season

Booster Contact: Jeremy Pemble

Kangs Basketball website

Boys Golf

Fall Season

Booster Contact: Bryce Olson

Boys Soccer

Spring Season

Booster Contact: Kim Goodfried

Boys Soccer Website

Cross Country & Track

Fall Season: Cross Country
Spring Season: Track


Booster Contacts:

Cross Country - Susie Wright 

Track - Alexis Christensen


Winter Season

Booster Contacts: Michelle Schuster or Malia Karlinsky

Dance Team Website

Football (Gridiron Club)

Fall Season

Booster Contact: Chris Stockwell

Kang Football Website

Girls Basketball

Winter Season

Booster Contact: Kent Compton

Lady Kangs Website

Girls Golf

Spring Season

Booster Contact: Ken Fernando

Girls Soccer

Fall Season

Booster Contact: Patty Studer

Girls Soccer Website


Winter Season

Booster Contact: Liz Hanski

Music (Band/Choir/Orchestra)


Booster Contacts: Bobbi Braymen or Jeff Reeder

Swim & Dive

Fall Season: Girls

Winter Season: Boys

Booster Contact: Kay Larsen



Booster Contact: Shanna Barr

Theatre Website


Fall Season

Booster Contact: Jennifer Pelluer


Winter Season

Booster Contact: John Lux