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membership benefits

  • Broader access to corporate donations through matching funds and volunteer hrs

  • Collaboration and camaraderie with other LW Booster Clubs

  • Greater access to partnerships with local businesses

member requirements

  • Minimum of 2 Officers (President, Secretary, Treasurer highly recommended)

  • Sponsoring coach, advisor or teacher

  • Completed application and financial questionnaire

  • Attend LWHS Booster Club training session

Member ongoing expectations

  • Consistent with LWHS Booster Club mission and bylaws

  • Activities must benefit LWHS STUDENTS

  • Support Title IX compliance initiatives

  • Attend monthly LWHS Booster club meetings

  • Acknowledge donations

  • Contribute 5% of fundraisers w/net over $1k to umbrella fund

  • Maintain timely and accurate accounting and meeting minutes

  • Submit financial reports to LWHS Booster Club on time (fiscal year June 30th)

  • Support and protect appropriate usage of our EIN

If you have a club with interest or questions about becoming a LWHS booster club, email us!

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